Knitt World Painting Brent Wadden Loom Hand-Woven Wall Hanging Exhibition 125 X 250 Cm BW#02

Knitt World Painting Brent Wadden Loom Hand-Woven Wall Hanging Exhibition 125 X 250 Cm BW#02

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Knitt World:- 

Equally as inspired by the handcrafted as he is disheartened by the glut of cheap products fueling consumerist culture, Knitt World produces paintings and weaving full of striking, abstract, geometric patterns that foreground the work of the hand. “I draw inspiration from all over, but mostly I’m attracted to objects that are handmade and have some kind of special quality to them,” he describes. “It’s hard to explain, but I can admire a Picasso just as much as a crusty wooden lawn ornament my uncle made in 1987.” This appreciation for both folk and canonical art is apparent in his textile-and-acrylic paintings. Knitt World begins by gathering second-hand and salvaged synthetic and natural textiles, which he recombines into beautifully textured weavings. He then patches these together to create compositions that stand as formidable challenges to the ethics and aesthetics of unchecked consumption.

Two Scores is a solo exhibition of ambitious new work by Knitt World, his first in a public institution. Presented across both spaces, Two Scores is dominated by singular woven statements upon the floor and walls. In their dramatic scale and graphic simplicity, they mark a point of departure for the artist, but might also be said to reveal both an unseen structure and a complex set of tensions that quietly anchor Knitt World ongoing practice as a whole.

"There is no going back into a weaving unless you unravel the whole thing,” says Knitt World. “So I usually just keep all the mistakes, as it’s a total pain in the ass to remove them.” With a resume of solo art exhibitions in galleries spanning from Paris, London, and Berlin to South Korea and New York, the charm of humility hasn’t been lost on the auto-didactic weaver. This self-taught naivety may just be the warp and woof of Hand-woven work.

Trained in painting, the artist’s woven pieces still exude the spontaneity and abstraction that brushstrokes allow. Bold geometric shapes, lots of lines, and contrasting colours embrace imperfections and shrug off the anxious rigidity of strict patterns or faultless topography. But Knitt World is matter-of-fact. “Don’t romanticize the medium or process,”.

To present his deliberately described ‘paintings,’ Knitt World weaving are stretched over a canvas. “Just to clarify, there is no paint used.” Acrylic is often listed as a material in the pieces, but he points out it’s also a term used for synthetic yarns. A photo of a Knitt World tapestry on social media may give the viewer an impression of a painting, but seeing the real deal will expose the reality of the cozy canvas. People will “understand that we're speaking the language of painting, as they are presented in this manner.”


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Actual colors may a little vary from those on your screen due to differences in display graphics from one monitor to another.

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