About Us


Decorating a house is an activity that holds significance for its owners as well as for individuals who might visit. A house is made into a home with feelings, joy and in particular with delightful decor pieces.

Knitt World is your spot for Home Fashion, Modern Décor which is 100% cotton made and gives a wide range of choices to assist you with embellishing your home with the best. We likewise have in our products  Handmade Crochet articles of clothing, skirts and beachwear. Knitt World is your exclusive place for Home Fashion, Modern Décor, Baby Swings and provides a wide array of options to help you garnish your house with the best. We provide décor for living spaces, bedrooms with a completely modern design of blankets, carpets and rugs with free shipping to make your house look impressive and contemporary. We have a modernized set of Cushion and Pillow covers in shades of white and natural.

Our famous handmade Macramé cushions are made with the best quality. The cushions are available in customized sizes, warmth, color tones of white and natural to suit any room. Our experienced staff who are working in this sector with years of experience develop the traditional styles of Indian work to make all the products look rooted and homely. The store provides numerous alternative designs for cushions such as Pattern, Abstract, multi-design pattern, multicolor pattern, floral pattern, Bird decoration etc.

With a custom size option available for all products, Knitt World fulfills your desire to decorate your home with our best decor pieces. 

The knit Micron Wool Blanket is perfect for you to sneak in and enjoy the warmth. It is made with 100% cotton and is extremely soft, available in colors white and natural. We ship our products across USA, Canada, Australia and UK, where our products are loved and appreciated for its world class quality and versatility.

Do not forget to have a look at our wide range of Carpets and Rugs collection made to suit all your rooms including kitchens and bathrooms. Our enchanting Handmade crochet Rug/Carpets are matched to suit modern, boho, Scandinavian, cottage style or shabby chic interior design. The Rugs/Carpets are considered quite voguish and are the most popular element of Interior Design today.

Knitt World assures to delight you with a massive range of product options that will excite your senses to continue browsing and ordering. Our Crochet garments will add on as a Statement and unique place in your wardrobe. The Crochet garments collection is specially styled for all those who dream of a far-away wonderland, ruling rock-chic, who wears white to get it oh-so dusty, floating down the beach in floral. Our ivory beach collection is worth buying and would surely satisfy your desired look while planning for beach vacations. 

All the products developed in Knit World guarantee to make you smile and excite your senses with their distinctive patterns and designs. In an attempt to compose something unique, we have made sure to style all our products differently and with utmost dedication, to adorn your house with its uniqueness. 

Knitt World fuses with Interior Designers across the Globe to create custom made cushions, blankets, wall hangings and everything that you can ask for.

We aim at being the best and the most versatile in the Modern Décor business because of our vision to provide something extraordinary to our customers.

Since we understand the importance of a home, we ensure to provide you with the best services and our team of professionals will assist you at every step.